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Why Am I For Mitt Romney…

First of all, I want to say that these are my personal opinions. But I do love my country and will do anything to protect it no matter who is president.

Soo… I am 19 and I live in Indiana. When it comes to politics I have very conservative economic views and very open social views. I don’t think there is anything wrong with gay marriage, blah blah blah. All of that… I don’t care. Whatever you’re into doesn’t effect me. But I had graduated high school and was looking into college. Only problem, I couldn’t afford it. My family is by no means rich…. at all. But pell grants were restricted so I couldn’t even qualify for that. Looked into loans, which interests rates had just shot up. So basically, I could go to school and (hopefully) have a job afterwards and make about the same amount of money as if I didn’t go after having all that debt. So I gave up on that.

About a year and a half ago I worked at WalMart. I ended up quitting this job. You want to know why?? ….disrespect. And please, don’t think I’m talking about everyone when I say this. But the majority of people with food stamps that shopped here truly pissed me off. During tax time a lady bought a 50 inch flat screen tv and proceeded to buy a cart full of name brand groceries with food stamps. I was there, with my phone that wasn’t my first choice… but I had to save to be able to buy. I still live at home, but I buy most of my groceries… most of which I can’t afford the name brand. I pay for my cell phone bill… everything of mine I pay for except rent. I just feel bad that I still have to live at home. And here are people who think they have a right to not work and get all this for free… while I work and I can’t even begin to even get the same food as them. And a lot of the time, these people acted like they were entitled to this… Like they deserve it. And they treated you as such… just disrespectful. Why has the world come to this? That laziness and not worrying about having children before you could afford them was no big deal? My mom and dad have always worked their asses off and we never had to be on these programs and they have no college degrees… we are happy and healthy. The root problem to this is morals… 20 years ago people were embarrassed to be on food stamps. Grow up America!!! If you think you are old enough to go out and have kids, you are old enough to pay for things yourself. (Like I stated before though, I understand this isn’t always the case and that wasn’t directed at those cases.)

So, I finally got tired of being disrespected and I was offered a job at a local small graphics company where we do full vehicle graphic wraps, signs, banners… a lot of advertising. Which up until a couple of months ago… was doing great! We had a major grocery company and were doing all the locations in my state. My friend was working there at this time and was getting 50-60 hours per week. Well, than gas prices started rising and more taxes were coming through… So this company could no longer pay and we had to drop them. The thing is though, we would still be a steady company if all these taxes weren’t being placed on us. But they are… so we are just struggling to make it week to week. I’m averaging about 20-25 hours per week. Half of the hours as last year. And once again, we would STILL be fine… but Obama’s policies are making it literally impossible to thrive.

So that is where I was at in life and that’s when I made the decision to join the military. I enlisted in the Navy last thursday… I truly love my country and it worries me so much the place we are in. Not going to lie, it’s a scary process and thought… but I’m doing what I need to do for my future and for the future of not only America but the whole world. I just ask that I am put into something stable and be under the best leadership possible. I’ve seen the effects on multiple sides and this is how I was brought to my decision… I’m here and I’m fighting for the future. One where America goes back to the hard working, independent, powerful nation we were. I don’t know if anyone cares, but that’s my story and I’m not some rich person wanting to keep all my money. I’m the generation who is most effected by this.

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